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Make some abstract art and papercraft.

Upcoming July 2024

Creative Sessions

Spend some time creating in an artists studio. Want to experiment more with arts and craft in a relaxed space to create. Open creative sessions are self-paced unstructured in the company of like minded people.

Artist will be on hand to provide basic guidance with examples and materials provided.

Ages 16 and above

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Note: These are just casual sessions to create together whereas workshops have more detailed instruction and techniques. Please enquire on workshops seperately if you are interested.

Art Flow Journaling Workshop

Join the "Art Flow Journaling" workshop, where we will explore ways to be calm and create. Enjoy a sense of flow engaging in creativity through art play in a relaxed environment.

Part of the Goodman Open House on 22 June 2024

Art Flow Journal Workshops

Spring into Art and Nature

A relaxing creative art session to appreciate nature and express yourself with a floral garland quote card.

Floral Garland Painting Workshop

Be inspired by the plants, leaves, fruits and flowers in the Goodman Grows Community Farm to create your own floral artwork with a spring message. Explore the greenery outdoors to observe the wonderful textures and patterns in nature. Sketch out your favourite organic shapes then head to the studio to complete the composition.

With a splash of colour and expressive strokes bring your drawing to life. Learn basic tips to paint your garland with watercolour wash and marker lines.

Palette Flower Garland Quote

Spring into Art and Nature

Add a personal note to bring home an floral inspirational card.

Abstract Art


Take some time out to experiment with different abstract techniques, discover your natural style or as a creative outlet.

Join me for a session of abstract experimentation in painting, collage or mixed media. Have fun playing with paint as a form of expression with action painting or getting into the flow.

To cover the elements of abstract art. Exploring colour, form, balance and composition. The use of different techniques like layering, mark-making and movement. Experimenting further with improvisations, unique tools and sourcing ideas.

Acrylic painting or try Oil paints during longer sessions

Abstract Map making


Create a mixed media map inspired by nature and trails using acrylic paint, collage and drawing on paper.

Take a line for a walk through an abstract landscape and fields of colours, making marks along the way.



Learn how to create a handmade book with hand-stitched binding techniques.

Then delve into the artist book which can be used for journaling, drawing and collage - as a way to explore themes, collections or tell a visual story.

Creative Sketch Sessions


Mark making can be a way to visualise thoughts, let loose your imagination or occupy time in a relaxing way. A sketch can be a rough outline or a way to bring your ideas to life.

A casual session where creative freedom is encouraged to delve into your abstract interests with some art games, to work out ideas or get into the flow . Sometimes you just need some inspiring time to formulate what’s been buzzing in your head, draw out on paper or chat about it with other creatives.

Here you can have some time to doodle or brainstorm your side-projects, discuss or present if you like . To chill with creativity, get a sense of direction, inspiration or perhaps opportunities to collaborate.

Drawn from Nature


Grow a paper garden by assembling drawn shapes into a mini art work.

A way to observe the natural world and look closely at the colours, textures and shapes within trees, leaves, flowers, insects or birds. Using flora and fauna as your inspiration, for drawings and collage to create your own piece of nature in this workshop.

Recycled Papermaking


Learn how to make recycled paper from scraps of used paper or old envelopes. Using the process of pulping and pressing on screens to create new sheets that can be used for writing or further craftwork. We will also try out techniques like embossing and inclusions to embellish your customised sheets.

Green Paper Craft Workshops


Explore ways to reuse paper to transform them into useful objects or crafted pieces. Using papier mache, a technique which layers torn paper, pulp, water, glue and your imagination to transform scraps into a variety of shapes and forms to be decorated on.

Create A Mini Plant Collage

Be inspired by the flora in the Goodman Grows Community Farm to create your own plant collage.

Observe the shapes and patterns on leaves and flowers to abstract your favourite organic forms through drawing. We will then head to the studio to assemble a 3D collage so you can bring home your own handmade mini art bouquet.

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The activity will cover basic drawing, cut and paste methods (requiring the use of scissors).


Abstract Map making

Let's go on an adventure with your paintbrush!

Paint an Abstract Map

Create a mixed media map inspired by nature and trails using acrylic paint, collage and drawing on paper.

Kids Art Workshop
Abstract Map Game Workshop

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