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Freebies colouring sheet download

Freebies colouring sheet download

Part of a #craftforgood project of hand drawn colouring sheets on the theme Happy! Add your own colours to the drawings check out the series of 5 colouring pages .


Small group workshops in the studio

Small group workshops in the studio

The small group workshops aim to explore the creative process in a relaxed environment. Be open to experiment and find different ways to express your artistic side and enjoy artmaking as a fun and immersive activity.

Creative Family Time

Creative Time in the studio at Goodman Grows Weekend

Family and Friends spend some time painting inspirations from nature.

Floral Quote Painting Workshop Photos
Coloured Collage Plant

Colour & Collage Plant Workshop

Workshop Photos of Nature Drawing with Coloured Pencils in collaboration with the Goodman Community Farm and Cultivate Central.
November 2021
Support for Planet Earth
Supporting #artforyourworld a campaign to engage the art world to take action against the climate crisis and support @wwf_uk projects fighting climate...
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Spring into Art and Nature

Spring into Art and Nature

Goodman Grows Weekend March 2022

Workshop Photo References Bloom Quote Painting

Mini Drawn Plant

Workshop @ Goodman Grows Weekend

Sat Nov 27, 2021

Photos from the Mini Plant Collage Workshop

Plants Photo Reference